For Fight For Pain Care Action Network (FFPCAN) is a grassroots, non-profit organization of Americans fighting for their rights to pain care by creating awareness about chronic pain and helping to prevent needless human suffering. The Action Network teaches education about the medications needed to treat chronic intractable pain, while focusing on the safety of the medications used for relief of pain while preventing deaths from abuse. Our mission is to help remove the barriers, stigma and negativity against legitimate chronic pain patients, while advocating for proper treatment by healthcare professionals.

FFPCAN strives to:

There are 100 million people in America that suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis and because of that, our action network fights to help keep pain medications available for these patients. We support finding ways to prevent overdose and deaths from opioids, the same medicines needed for pain sufferers to have a true quality of life. There needs to be a proper balance for chronic pain patients. Fight For Pain Care Action Network advocates for achieving this balance any way we can.


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